Competitions Terms & Conditions for the WIZZO Application

1. The Provider of the Application.


2. The name of the Application.

¿«WIZZO Application¿»3. End User.

An End User is defined as a physical person or moral entity that has downloaded and installed the WIZZO Application on their smartphone, has created a WIZZO account with their FB account or email address and password and meets the eligibility criteria as defined in Clause 8.6.. The combination of an End User and the personal information provided during the registration process will be referred to as the WIZZO Account.

4. Mobile Application Games.

Mobile Application Games are defined as computer programs designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices created by third parties, other than WIZZO made available to download in the WIZZO Application.

5. Location.

5.1. The WIZZO Application will be available to download globally from Google Play and the App Store. Time frame of the WIZZO Application.

5.2. The WIZZO Application will last for an indefinite period of time or until the Provider decides at its sole discretion to withdraw the WIZZO Application and terminate all related services. Please check online at or send an email to

6. License Grant.

The Provider Grants End User a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to install, use and access the WIZZO Application strictly in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

7. Acceptance of Terms of Use.

7.1. All End Users warrant that they have read these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the ¿¿Terms and Conditions¿ carefully and fully understand their content. The Terms and Conditions are on public view on .

7.2. By clicking on the accept button within the WIZZO Application and thus signing in, the End Users signal their complete acceptance and full understanding of these Terms and Conditions and agree:

7.2.1. to receive push notifications on their mobile phones relating to the WIZZO Application;

7.2.2. to receive SMS communication/advertising offers from the Provider or from other companies that co-operate with the Provider during the term the WIZZO Application is made available to End Users;

7.2.3. to be included into Opt-in programs and Communities created by the Provider with the data gathered during the term the WIZZO Application;

7.3. The Provider reserves the right to terminate or amend functions of the WIZZO Application and these Terms and Conditions at any time as well as change actions and points attributed to actions at any time without any prior notice to or consent from the End User. Any such revision will be binding and effective immediately upon posting of the revised Terms and Conditions on The continued use of the WIZZO Application by the End User constitutes agreement to any revision of the Terms and Conditions.

7.4. In the event of dispute regarding the Terms and Conditions, conduct, results, and all other matters relating to the WIZZO Application, the decision of the Provider shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into with any End User.

7.5. This agreement between the Provider and the End User will remain in full force and effect while the Provider provides the WIZZO Application (not taking into account temporarily suspensions of the WIZZO Application for operational reasons, e.g. for repairs, planned maintenance or upgrades) or until the End User decides to sign out as per Clause 9.8, or deletes the WIZZO Application.

8. Registration (sign-in) and sign out of the WIZZO Application. Availability of the WIZZO Application and eligibility of End Users.

8.1. To sign in the WIZZO Application, the End User must download the WIZZO Application from Google Play or the App Store and accept the Terms & Conditions.

8.2. End User agrees to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information when registering with the WIZZO Application. It is End User¿¿s responsibility to maintain and promptly update its accoun information to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete. If End User provides any information that is fraudulent, untrue, inaccurate, incomplete, or not current, or if the Provider has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is fraudulent, untrue, inaccurate, incomplete, or not current, the Provider reserves the right to suspend or terminate End User¿¿s account without notic and to refuse any and all current and future use of the WIZZO Application.

8.3. End User acknowledges and agrees to be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account and is fully responsible for all activities that occur in connection with its password or account. End User agrees to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of either the password or account or any other breach of security. End User further agrees that he/she will not permit others, including those whose accounts have been terminated, to access the WIZZO Application using End User¿¿ account or User ID. End User grants the Provider and all other persons or entities involved in the operation of the WIZZO Application the right to transmit, monitor, retrieve, store, process and use End User¿¿s information in connection with the operation of the WIZZO Application and in the provision of services to End User. The Provider cannot and does not assume any responsibility or liability for any information the End User submits, or End User¿¿s or third parties¿¿ use or misuse of information transmitted or recei ed using the WIZZO Application.

8.4. By signing in to the WIZZO Application via their Facebook account the End Users accept that the profiling and personal data acquired with the acceptance of Facebook can be used by the Provider and their technical partners supporting the WIZZO Application for the recommendation engine of the WIZZO Application. No profiling or personal data will be used by any third party not having technical support agreements with the Provider.

8.5. By downloading the WIZZO Application the End Users can also have the opportunity to participate in competitions and challenges of different mechanisms to be able to win different types of rewards (virtual or physical). The WIZZO Application rewards points for various actions such as playing the Mobile Application Games, spending time in the Mobile Application Games, and inviting friends. These points are then posted on a weekly leaderboard, where prizes are given out to the top scorer(s). More details regarding how points are allocated across the leaderboards can be found in the leaderboard and winner selection section below.

8.6. The following are eligible to participate:

8.6.1. Natural persons (other than people employed by the Provider, and also their close relatives and spouses), who are eligible by the applicable law in the country of location of the End User, may download mobile applications and participate in competitions to win rewards. If the End User is not eligible as per the applicable law to participate or win rewards, the End User can receive the won reward by the guardian¿¿s prior consent an appearance to the acceptance ceremony of the reward. In this case the winner¿¿ guardian must appear to collect the reward having his/her ID, as well as a certification proving that he/she is the guardian or other criteria as per the applicable law.

8.6.2. Legal entities having a running contract on rendering different services to the Provider may receive the reward through their authorized signatory acting on behalf of the legal entity.

8.6.3. The Provider reserves the right to disqualify any entrant if it has reasonable grounds to believe the entrant has breached any provision of the Terms and Conditions.

8.6.4. All winners must provide identification documents in order to receive the rewards. Rewards may be received by a representative of the winner by proxy upon written confirmation from the winner.

8.6.5. By participating in the WIZZO Application, End Users hereby warrant that all information submitted is true, current and complete.

8.6.6. Winners must have inserted a valid phone number in their profile

8.6.7. Winners that are contacted by the Provider must provide a valid name and address

8.7. Each End User can sign-out of the WIZZO Application any time and stop receiving any information about the WIZZO Application. If after the End User chooses to sign out he/she subsequently re-signs he/she will be considered to be an End User in the WIZZO Application once again.

8.8. If the WIZZO Application is withdrawn and related services terminated the Provider will publish a message announcing such withdrawal and termination in the official resources of the WIZZO Application (

8.9. Interruption or early termination of the WIZZO Application shall not release the Provider from its obligation to give out already awarded rewards and execute other actions required, except for the cases when termination or interruption of the WIZZO Application was called by actions or events which are not under the Provider¿¿s control.

8.10. The Provider reserves the right not to enter into written negotiations or otherwise contact with the End Users of the WIZZO Application other than in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions or in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of each users country of registration.

9. Competition Periods.

9.1. Daily: Daily competitions and challenges start at 00:00 of any day of the week and end the same day at 23:59. All time references are KSA time. All End Users¿¿ points might be reset at t he end of the day.

9.2. Weekly: Weekly competitions and challenges start on Sunday at 00:00 and end the following Saturday at 23:59. All time references are KSA time. All End Users¿¿ points are reset at the en d of the week.

9.3. Monthly: Monthly competitions and challenges start on the first calendar day of a month at 00:00 and end on the last calendar day of the same month at 23:59. All time references are KSA time. All End Users¿¿ tickets are reset at the end of the month.< /span>

10. WIZZO Challenges

WIZZO Challenges will be active to End Users whenever the Provider chooses to enable them. The WIZZO Challenges are above and beyond the Competitions listed in section 10. WIZZO Challenges are comprised of the following components: (a) The Action, (b) The Target Audience, (c) The Reward and (d) The Winner Selection Method.

10.1. The Action which will be a specific action the End User must perform to complete the Challenge. The actions will be limited to one or a combination of the below:

10.1.1. Downloading and installing a specific game or games

10.1.2. Completing a survey

10.1.3. Inviting a specific amount of friends to download WIZZO

10.1.4. Collecting a specific amount of points during a defined time period

10.1.5. Redeeming the WIZZO daily bonus on one specific day or days

10.1.6. Opening WIZZO on a specific day or days

10.1.7. Performing any of the actions listed in the how to win points section of the WIZZO app

10.2. Target Audience which will be the group of End Users the WIZZO Challenge will be communicated to. The Provider has the right to define these groups at his own discretion.

10.3. The Reward which will be clearly communicated in the Challenge and will be along the lines of section 16 below.

10.4. The Winner Selection Method will be either based on a Draw where all participants participate with 1 chance for every challenge completed or based on Top Scorer where all participants compete with the points awarded from The Action of The Challenge.

11. Winner Determination Methods in Competitions and Challenges

11.1. Definition of a Winner: A winner is an End User, who has been selected either via Draw or Top Scorer methods. The Provider will define the exact number of winners, the winners¿ selection method, and exact prizes in the prize section of the WIZZO Application, provided that the winner meets the eligibility criteria, as defined in Clause 13, in order to be awarded with the prize.

11.2. Draws: Winners can be determined based on a random draw, where the number of points or tickets an End User has collected during the competition period inside the WIZZO Application and the Mobile Application Games are equal to the amount of draw entries the End User has.

11.3. Top Scorer: Winners can be determined based on the highest amount of points or tickets accumulated during the competition period inside the WIZZO Application(s) and the Mobile Application Games. In case of a tie, the End User that has accumulated their points or tickets in the shortest duration will be deemed the winner.

12. Winner Eligibility.

12.1. In order to be eligible to win a prize, the End User must have provided their phone number in the phone section of the WIZZO Application. Not providing it will result in the Provider selecting the next eligible winner.

12.2. In order for an End User to be eligible to participate in any competition within the WIZZO Application(s) and the Mobile Application Games, they must have performed at least one action during the competition period.

12.3. End Users that have not performed an action during that competition period within the WIZZO Application(s) and the Mobile Application Games are not included in the winner determination.

12.4. The Provider may use any combination of the competition periods and winner determination methods at any point during the term the WIZZO Application is made available to the End Users.

12.5. End Users using the same WIZZO Account to participate in the WIZZO Application are not eligible to win more than (1) Prize every 4 weeks. The 4 weeks include the week they were chosen as a winner.

12.6. The Provider of the application reserves the right to disqualify a winner in the event that the Provider deems that the winner is the same physical person using a different WIZZO Account.

13. Point Allocation.

The gain or accumulation of points is subject to change without prior notice or announcement to End Users. The ¿¿How to wi points¿¿ section of the WIZZO Application always has the latest poin configuration available for reference.

14. Leaderboards, Rewards and winner selection.

Given the point allocation rules mentioned above, points earned by the End User appear in two different leaderboards, the Global leaderboard and the Friends leaderboard.

15. Types of Rewards.

15.1. Physical Rewards (the ¿¿P rizes¿¿), wil be given out each week by the Provider. Examples of the Prizes can be found in the prize section of the WIZZO Application. The number of the Prizes that will be given out lies solely at the Provider¿¿s discretion.

15.2. No cash alternative to the Prizes will be offered for winners from the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, U.A.E. and Yemen.

15.3. Provider may transfer cash equal to the value of the Prize to the winners outside the countries mentioned in clause 15.2.

15.4. The Prizes are not transferable. Prizes are subject to availability and the Provider reserves the right to substitute any Prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice.

15.5. The Prizes can be vouchers of specific price value which currency could be different from the currency of the country of the Winner (the ¿¿Voucher¿¿). Such voucher can be exchanged for physical goo through third party partners. third party partners may vary from time to time. Vouchers can also be exchanged for gadgets, flights, hotel bookings or any other service or product, depending on third party partner¿¿s offerings. Ag restriction may apply to some Prizes and is subject to third party partner¿¿ Policy. Top up and using the Voucher for multiple purchases are subject to third party partner¿¿s Policy. The Provider is not liable for the third part partner¿¿s Policy and Terms of Use.

15.6. The Provider may at any time decide at its sole discretion to offer other types of rewards. Details will be posted by the Provider on and in the WIZZO Application itself under the ¿¿Prizes¿¿ section.

16. Place, date, time and other terms of the rewards.

16.1. The winners from the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, U.A.E. will receive their rewards by the Provider or by its certified partners in the countries they are located.

16.2. The winners shall be responsible for payment of due taxes and collections for the rewards under any relevant legislation of the country they are located.

16.3. The winners will be contacted by the Provider. The winners must confirm in writing that they are the End User eligible to receive the won rewards, and that they are entitled to the reward and shall complete all the necessary documents provided by the Provider.

16.4. For the avoidance of doubt, Winners acknowledge that delivery of the Prize can take up to (3) months from date of notifying Winners. However, the Provider accepts no responsibility for any delay in the delivery of the Prize.

17. Notification

17.1. Winners will be notified by telephone call/email (as provided by them) within a period not exceeding 7 days of the closing date that they have won, the prize and the delivery method.

17.2. Should the winner not answer the telephone call/email within 2 working days, MBC reserves the right to choose a different winner.

17.3. If the winner wishes to have his/her prize awarded in the name of a beneficiary, the winner must fill the MBC beneficiary form authorizing the beneficiary to collect the prize instead of him/her. This form must be signed by both parties & a valid ID/Passport copy of both must be submitted with the letter to MBC. (please confirm)

18. End User disqualification

18.1. The Provider reserves the right to temporarily or permanently disable the End Users account if the Provider deems that the End User has generated irregular gameplay events and/or unverified purchases in the WIZZO Application or in the Mobile Application Games.

18.2. Irregular gameplay events and/or unverified purchases are generated when an End User uses technical means (e.g. computer programs, mobile applications or other assistance of technical nature) in order to earn points.

18.3. All points earned by events that are deemed irregular by Provider will be discarded and will not be taken into consideration in the competition periods they were generated in.

19. Limitation of liability.

19.1. The Provider accepts no responsibility whatsoever for, including without limitation, any error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure of the WIZZO Application, which are outside its direct control and execution.

19.2. The Provider reserves the right to whenever is deemed necessary temporarily suspend the WIZZO Application for operational reasons (e.g. for repairs, planned maintenance or upgrades). The Provider promises to restore the WIZZO Application as soon as possible after any temporary suspension period.

19.3. The Provider is not responsible for inaccurate Prize and/or reward details supplied to any End User by any third party connected with a competition and is not under any circumstances or at any time responsible for any actual or underlying defects of the offered Prizes and rewards.

19.4. The Provider advises End Users to use caution and common sense when using the WIZZO Application and participating in the relevant campaigns at all times.

20. Disclaimer of warranties.

20.1. End Users understand and agree that they participate in this WIZZO Application at their own risk and willingness and have not been coerced in any manner to enter the WIZZO Application by the Provider or a third party.

20.2. The Provider makes no warranty, implied or express, that any part of the WIZZO Application will be uninterrupted and error-free.

20.3. Neither the Provider nor any of its directors, employees, agents or suppliers shall accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any End User using the WIZZO Application and related services and/or participating in the relevant campaigns or as a result of accepting a Prize or reward.

20.4. The Provider is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software failure of any email or entry to be received on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet, telephone lines or at any web site, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to End User's or any other person's computer or mobile telephone related to or resulting from participation or downloading any materials in the WIZZO Application.

20.5. By registering, entering and using the WIZZO Application, End Users agree that no claim relating to such losses or injuries (including special, indirect and consequential losses) shall be asserted against the Provider, its parent companies, affiliates, directors, officers, employees or agents from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind resulting from acceptance or user of any prize, including without limitation, personal injuries, death and property damage.

21. Data protection and Publicity.

21.1. The Provider may from time to time collect and process, either on its own or through authorized parties, with whom Provider has a contractual relationship and co-operates for the purpose of making the WIZZO Application available, End User personal data related to voice, image, name or address and any other relevant information deemed necessary for the provision to End Users of the WIZZO Application and related services. Such information will be included in a filing system belonging to the Provider, and will be used by the Provider to enable End Users to use the WIZZO Application and related services, as well as publicity mailing, or other purposes relating to the Provider¿¿s services, unless otherwise indicated. By accepting thes Terms and Conditions End Users explicitly provide their consent for the Provider and authorized third parties to collect and process in line with applicable laws information of the End Users, including but not limited to information which under the applicable laws of the location of the End User are considered to be personal data.

21.2. The Provider and third parties co-operating with the Provider will use such data in line with applicable laws and in a confidential manner. End Users may at all times exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion and objection in relation to the collection and processing of the personal data in line with applicable laws by sending to the Provider a written communication to that effect addressed to the Provider If an End User wishes to opt-out of data collection, they must send an email to In opting out the End Users will have to de-install the WIZZO Application on their phone, however End Users may at any time decide to re-opt-in and re-install the WIZZO Application without restriction, in which case these Terms and Conditions, as in force at that time will apply.

21.3. End Users accept and agree that if they win a reward then their first name, their last name and their photo may be published by the Provider, at his discretion, in the media (TV, radio, websites) for informational purposes only in media and commercials. The winners also accept that they may participate in live testimonials organized in the media by the Provider, at his request.

The Provider of the WIZZO Application shall not release personal information about the End Users of the WIZZO Application to third persons, unless: i) required to do so by the applicable law in the country of location of the End User or ii) to comply with orders or instructions by the official governmental entities in the country of location of the End User or iii) if the End User has first given his/her consent and iv) in accordance with the above paragraphs of this clause 19.

22. Copyrights & Trademarks.

All copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) in and on the WIZZO Application belong to the Provider and/or third parties. The Provider reserves all of its rights in the WIZZO Application and the related services. Nothing in the Terms and Conditions grants End User with a right or license to use any trade mark, design right or copyright owned or controlled by the Provider or any other third party, except as expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions.

23. Third Party Content and Services.

23.1. End User acknowledges that the WIZZO Application permits access to products, services, web-sites, advertisements, promotions, recommendations, information and materials created and provided by advertisers, publishers, content partners, marketing agents and other third parties (the ¿¿Third Party Content and Services¿¿).23.2. The Provider shall not be responsible for any Third Party Content and Services and/or any third party web sites that End User links to from the WIZZO Application, and that End Users are responsible for reading these third parties¿¿ own terms and conditions or privacy policies a nd be bound by same.

23.3. The Provider hereby disclaims any representation, warranty or guaranty regarding the Third Party Content and Services whether express or implied.

24. Governing Law.

If any disagreement arises between the End Users and the Providing under these Terms and Conditions or related to the use of the WIZZO Application and related services the End Users can present their complaint to the Provider and the issue will be decided in accordance with the applicable law of the country where the WIZZO Application has been downloaded by the end users seeking complaint resolution.

25. Terms applicable to End Users using iOS devices

In addition to the terms and conditions mentioned hereinabove, the following terms and condition shall apply to End Users that have downloaded the WIZZO application on iOS devices:

25.1 Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any of the daily, weekly, or monthly competitions in any manner

25.2 End Users are not allowed to use jailbroken devices to download WIZZO, the Provider reserves the right to ban such End Users from WIZZO for an indefinite amount of time.

25.3 End Users using iOS devices must have enabled their Advertising Identifier in order to earn points and or tickets using WIZZO.

25.4 If the Advertising Identifier is reset or disabled, the End Users¿¿ WIZZO account will not be accessible by the End Us er.


Community Guidelines

We offer community guidelines in addition to our Terms of Service. All user generated content and activity on our services are subjected to these guidelines which fall under a common sense philosophy. This document is to be regularly updated as the WIZZO community and service evolve. In addition, certain services or properties, under the WIZZO platform, may be subjected to additional guidelines or specific exceptions. 

As a provider of the service, we at WIZZO reserve the right to suspend any account at any time with a conduct that is detected to be inappropriate or harmful in order to protect the integrity of our community. We reserve the right to remove content, strike on the account, and/or suspend the account(s). For more information, refer to the following page: About Suspension.

Any WIZZO Live streamer or User that purchases, obtains, interacts with, or uses the WIZZO Platform and the WIZZO Currency, including Coins, Stickers and Diamonds is subjected to this policy. WIZZO reserves the right to perform amendments to the Policy at any given time and these changes will be deemed effective once they are updated online or once we provide you with an updated version.  We recommend you to regularly review this Policy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 WIZZO¿¿s Terms of Service and Communit Guidelines govern your use of Coins. This Policy shall be the deciding body in case a conflict is found between this policy and those agreements. WIZZO¿¿ Developer Services Agreement governs your use of WIZZO currency in case you are a developer. 

Usage Guidelines 

In case you are a creator, viewer, or any other party, you shall be aware of the two principles that orient your Coins experience:

The Coins will not be made available for direct exchange for items or for services of value

It is advised that you do not take part in exchange of Coins for Services or Items that are considered to be linked to a cost or value. 


Accordingly, we recommend that you to do the following with your coins:

Celebrate joyful events, express appreciation for Live streamers and become recognized.

In the event of Tipping, show appreciation and interact with chat messages from Users who have tipped you.

Come up with ideas for Coins usage by the community that could offer community benefits or content; provoke content or offer rewards to views for collective Coins usage. A broadcaster might announce:

If ten people tip 1,000 Coins in a span of five minutes, a gaming action will be performed

The decision to play Game 1 or Game 2 will be decided by the broadcaster based on the votes received from the community conditional on the Stickers tipped within a 10-minute time span.

A meetup for the community might be arranged depending on a voting mechanism, operated by the broadcaster and based on Stickers. 

Viewers are asked to Tip for a character selected by the broadcaster in Game.

As for the Don'ts which include the breach of this policy. You should not request WIZZO currency for money or donations and you should not ask for money or donations in exchange for Coins.

You should not, for the purposes of an exchange of the WIZZO Currency, offer a hoodie, a dinner date, graphic design services, a promise to play a specific user in a game, access to a specific VOD file, cooking lessons, or take part in a private conversation.

You should not use WIZZO Currency as a way to engage in any fraudulent, criminal or other unauthorized activity, or to solicit or receive Coins for any fraudulent, criminal or other unauthorized activity. You should fully understand that your use of the WIZZO Currency is also subjected to the Community Guidelines.

Ads for Coins 

Occasionally, WIZZO may give an opportunity to watch an advertisement in an exchange for Coins. Third-party advertisement inventory or other elements might limit such opportunities. WIZZO does not promise that Coins will be available at all times or at any given time. Coins obtained from those opportunities are subjected to this AUP. Accordingly, Ads for Coins should not be used as a tool to acquire Coins to Tip on your own channel; for example, creating accounts that aim at using Ads for Coins. We remind you that Coins are not a tool designed to transfer money. Also, the use of robots or other automated means to obtain Coins using the Ads for Coins feature is prohibited. 

Violations of this Policy 

If these Community Guidelines are to be subjected to violations or an attempt of violation by you or a party that represents you, such violation will qualify as a violation of the Terms of Service, which include these Community Guidelines. They will also count as a material breach of any other applicable agreement or/and supplements to these agreements with WIZZO. 

In the event of a breach of these Community Guidelines, civil or criminal liability may be imposed. Additionally, your access to the WIZZO platform and permission to use Coins may be immediately terminated by WIZZO, in its sole discretion, in addition to any remedy that it may have at law or in equity. Legal action may be taken by WIZZO to prohibit breaches and/or collect damages that any breach of these Community Guidelines may have caused. 

WIZZO¿¿s rights are not subjected to a waiver in th case of WIZZO failing to enforce these Community Guidelines at a specific instance of application. 

Breaking the Law 

All applicable local, national, and international laws must be respected while using the WIZZO Platform. WIZZO will ban any content and activity that feature, encourage, offer or solicit any illegal activity. 

Self-Destructive Behavior

Activities that might put your life at risk or result in your physical harm are strictly prohibited. Such activity consists of, but is not limited to, the following: suicide threats, intentional physical trauma, illegal use of drugs, illegal dangerous consumption of alcohol and dangerous or distracted driving. No exceptions are made for any self-destructive behavior performed as a stunt or gag made in jest, or conducted for entertainment purposes, when such behavior could seriously cause physical harm.

Violence and Threats 

All accounts associated with acts and threats of violence will be indefinitely suspended, as such actions will be taken seriously and are of a zero-tolerance violation. Such actions consist of, but not limited to:

Any endeavors associated with threats or physically injuring or killing of another. 

Any endeavors associated with threats of hacking, DDOs or SWAT of another.

Any attempts to use weapons as a way to threaten, frighten, injure, or kill others 

Any content that represents, praises, encourages, or supports terrorism or violent extremist actors or acts is not allowed on WIZZO. Such content consists of threatening to or pushing others to carry acts that would lead to serious physical harm to groups of people or serious property destruction. Any content that includes terrorist or extremist propaganda, such as graphic pictures or footage of terrorist or extremist violence, must not be displayed, even if you aim at denouncing such content. 

In case a Live streamer loses control of his broadcast in the event of severe injury, medical emergency, police action or being targeted with serious violence, his channel and associated content will be temporarily removed. 

Hateful Conduct and Harassment 

WIZZO does not allow any act of harassment or hateful conduct. Such content or activity includes any encouragement or support of discrimination, denigration, harassment, or violence based on the following protected characteristics: race, ethnicity, color, caste, national origin, immigration status, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, serious medical condition etc. Certain age protection is also provided. Hateful conduct is considered as a zero-tolerance act and we, at WIZZO, will act on every valid reported content that may include such conduct. Under the governance of this policy, we offer every user the same protection, regardless of the user¿¿s   particular characteristics.

Harassment can be conducted in many ways, such as stalking, personal attacks, promotion of physical harm, hostile raids, and malicious false report brigading. Any form of unwelcomed sexual advances and requests, sexual objectification or attacks that degrade a person¿¿s perceiv ed sexual practices are specifically considered as sexual harassment.  

Action will be taken in the event of any hateful conduct and harassment, with an increasing intense enforcement when the behavior is targeted, personal, graphic, or repeated/prolonged, incites further abuse, or involves threats of violence or coercion. An indefinite suspension on the first offense will take place in case of egregious violations.

Unauthorized Sharing of Private Information

Privacy of others must not be invaded. Do not share content that may enclose private personal information about individuals, or their private property, without their permission as it is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:

Sharing information that is personally identifiable (such as real name, location or ID)

Sharing any information from social profiles that are restricted or protected or the profiles themselves

Sharing content with no respect to another¿¿ expectation of privacy, such as streaming from someone¿¿s private space with out their permission. 


Any content or activity that aims at impersonating an individual or organization is not allowed. Additionally, misrepresenting yourself as a member of WIZZO representatives is a zero-tolerance violation and will result in an indefinite suspension. 

Spam, Scams, and Other Malicious Conduct 

Any content or activity that is meant to disrupt, interrupt, harm, or violate the integrity of WIZZO Platform or any other user¿¿s experi ence or devices is not allowed. Such activity consists of:

Displaying a substantial amount of repetitive messages that can be unwanted or of user reports

Sharing unauthorized advertisements


Defrauding others 

Spreading malware or viruses

Misinformation (such as feigning distress, posting misleading metadata, or intentional channel miscategorization

Tampering (such as artificially inflating follow or live viewer stats)

Selling or sharing User accounts

Reselling WIZZO Currency 

Defacing, or attempting to deface, website pages or other WIZZO Platform (such as uploading inappropriate or malicious content) 

Cheating a WIZZO rewards system

Nudity, Pornography, and Other Sexual Content 

Any content or activity that displays nudity and any sexually explicit content or activity, such as pornography, sexual acts or intercourse, and sexual services, is prohibited.

Any content or activity that is meant to threaten or promote sexual violence or exploitation is strictly prohibited and may be reported to law enforcement. Any attempt at child exploitation will be reported to authorities via the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Any content or activity that is sexually subjective is prohibited, except for educational contexts or for pre-approved licensed context; however, these activities will be governed by additional restrictions. 

Intellectual Property Rights 

You only have the right to share content on your personal WIZZO Platform, or on a platform that you are authorized to share content through on WIZZO. Any act of sharing content that you do not own or have the rights to share on your WIZZO channel, is considered as an act of violation of another person¿¿s intellectual property rights. Such activit includes any third party content included in your content, derivative creations, as well as music or performances of others¿¿ copyrighted content. We recommend, before sharing any content on WIZZO, that you assess your content for adherence to applicable intellectual property laws and the proper application of principles such as fair use, and to secure all appropriate rights needed.

WIZZO reserves the right to remove any unauthorized content that you may share on WIZZO if the rights holder(s) inform of a copyright violation. The ¿¿flag¿¿ function found under every video can be us d by the rights holder(s) in case of a copyright violation. In the event of such violation, WIZZO will inform you via the WIZZO Chat function within the app and/or a notification screen that your video has been removed. Kindly note that even if all videos are monitored before being posted on our platform, we reserve the right to remove any video in the event of violation of our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. In case multiple violations of our policies are detected, we may permanently suspend your account.

Examples of content that should not be shared on WIZZO without the approval from the copyrights owners or unless otherwise permitted by law consist of:

Sharing the content developed by other WIZZO creators¿¿ 

Sharing pirated games or content from unauthorized private servers 

Sharing content from other sites 

Sharing movies, television shows, or sports matches 

Sharing music that you do not own or do not have the rights to share

Content Labeling 

You should accurately label your content to the best of your ability. You should choose categories and tags that best describe your content. Intentional or immense misuse of titles, tags, games/categories, or other metadata is not allowed.

Music Copyright

Streaming or uploading copyrighted music on WIZZO platform of which you have no appropriate rights or authority to share is considered a violation of our policies.

WIZZO does not allow including music that you do not own or have a proper license for on any of your WIZZO streams. 

Additional Gaming Content Guidelines

Cheating in Online Games 

WIZZO prohibits any activity that gives the User an unfair advantage in an online multiplayer game. Such activity can include cheating, hacking, botting, or tampering. This prohibition is also valid for any harassment that might occur such as stream sniping when a user exploits another broadcaster¿¿s live broadcast.   

Closed Alphas/Betas and Pre-Release Games 

We recommend that you respect all publisher/developer-enforced release dates, embargoes, and NDAs by not broadcasting these games before everyone else gets the chance to. In case of no prior approval, the rights holder is allowed to takedown your channel. In the event of any violation, rights holders are expected to report violations in accordance with ours. It is advised that the user report tool is not used by users in possible violations situations. 

Fraudulent events 

The policy is violated once: 

The WIZZO Currency is used in acts of fraudulence or criminal activity, or unauthorized activity. This is also applicable in the case of requesting or acquiring Coins is used in acts of fraudulence or criminal activity, or unauthorized activity including but not restricted to: 

i) the promotion or the subjection to any activity that is deemed illegal such as illegal drugs, phishing, terrorism, criminal activities, contests, pyramid schemes or chain letters

ii) the promotion of activity relating to tobacco, gambling or weapons; 

iii) the relation to pornographic activity or material labeled as obscene l; 

iv) the relation to excessively graphic or explicit violence; 

v) the act of being defamatory, inappropriate or profane; 

vi) the act being of a discriminatory nature or includes ¿¿hate speeches¿¿ targeted at a single user or specific group on t basis of race, sex, creed, national origin, a certain religious affiliation or a certain sexual orientation or the language of these groups or individual users. 

vii) the act promoting or including viruses, worms, corrupted files, cracks or other materials that can be of harm or damage or that can make the software inoperable for the hardware or security measures of Publisher, any user, or any other third party. 

WIZZO is authorized to suspend any account or remove any related content that is considered inappropriate or harmful. (paraphrased the below but very doubtful so i kept the sentence below)

WIZZO is authorized to remove any content that is identified as harmful or inappropriate as well as suspend the associated account at any time. 

Tipping Terms and Conditions

The WIZZO Coins (¿¿Coins¿¿), a non-refundab non-transferable In-App Purchase currency, can be found on the WIZZO platform. It can be used to buy digital animated tokens (¿¿Stickers¿¿). These sticke which can be accessed through the tipping feature (¿¿Tipping¿¿) give users t ability to celebrate moments and appreciate specific Live streams on the WIZZO platform.

The livestream feature, which is going to be introduced on the WIZZO platform, will permit users to document over the internet their events as they happen in video and sound. 

A user, who has converted his coins into stickers, can transfer them through one sole tipping transaction to another user who has shared or live streamed a video on the WIZZO platform. These stickers have no monetary value, and thus rely on the transaction mechanism.

Upon completion of the tipping transaction, the streamer can find on his/her profile page on the WIZZO platform, an animated copy of the sticker, under the ¿¿trophy cabinet¿¿ sub-sections which has diamond ¿¿Diamond¿¿ value rate of 1 Diamond = 3 coins. ¿¿Rate 1¿¿Diamonds can be accumulated and transferred to a cash value of 1 USD = 10 Diamonds. ¿¿Rate 2¿¿

Once a streamer collects more than 100 diamonds ¿¿Threshold¿¿, he/she will then be able to transfer the diamonds into a ca value ¿¿Reward¿¿ as per rate 2.The WIZZO currency includes the coins, stickers and diamonds.

The WIZZO Team will formulate a set of Terms of Service which will control your use of the WIZZO Currency.  These terms include the defined Community Guidelines, and the Privacy notice. It should be noted that these can be subjected to certain amendments at any given point of time as seen fit by WIZZO. 

The WIZZO currency can only be used on the WIZZO platform and can¿¿t be sold or sent to a third party, including other users. It cannot be exchanged for any other goods or services and can be only converted to cash under the terms specified above. It has no monetary value and doesn¿¿ include currency or property of any type. This means that the WIZZO Currency remains subject to the Term of Service stated above and the user will not have a property, proprietary, intellectual property, nor monetary interest when it comes to a purchased or promoted WIZZO Currency. 

Revenues generated from the sale of the WIZZO currency with a Live streamer receiving the WIZZO currency may be shared with WIZZO; however, the WIZZO currency doesn¿¿t aim at providing financial revenues to the Live streamer and WIZZO doesn¿¿t guarantee any financial benefit to Live-streamer who is receiving WIZZO currency.

Account Security and Tipping Qualification

You must register on the WIZZO platform as a User and accept the Tipping Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use in order to acquire the WIZZO currency and use the Tipping feature available on the platform. You must hold responsibility for the security and restricted access of your account and password and also all the purchases and activities that happen under your account. Tipping will be available to users who can legally -indicate in their country of residence that they can perform purchases via carrier billing-transactions supported by the operator.  In case you are below the legal age in your country of residence (18 years old in some countries), you need the permission of a parent or a guardian to be able to make purchases on the WIZZO platform. In case the mentioned terms are breached, WIZZO has the right to not accept and cancel orders or even terminate accounts at any time.

Refund Policy 

The WIZZO Currency remains a non-refundable currency unless otherwise required by applicable law in your jurisdiction. Once coins are used or redeemed for Tipping or, in extensions for digital items or experiences, a user cannot refund them. Once a sticker has been used or redeemed it cannot be acquired back. The WIZZO currency may not be purchased, sold, bartered or traded, or offered to be purchased, sold, or traded (in exchange for money or any item of value) inside or outside of the WIZZO platform. Any such transfer will be considered by WIZZO a null and void transaction. 

Payment Method and Terms

 Payments are accepted in various ways through carrier billing and/or through app stores methods that might be made available on our site (¿¿Payment Methods¿¿). The user will be subjected to all terms a conditions of the Payment Method he/she chooses. Once you place an order through the WIZZO platform, you guarantee that you are permitted to use the designated Payment Method on one hand, and that WIZZO or its designated payment processor is authorized to charge the Payment Method that you have specified for the purchase amount with the corresponding taxes and fees, on the other hand. All payments should be made in United States Dollars, except for alternative currencies offered via Payment Methods available on the WIZZO platform. 

PLEASE NOTE: Some personal data may be requested by our payment processing partners, such as a valid government-issued ID, your legal name, address and date of birth, in order to be able to make payments through its financial institutions and comply with applicable international, national federal, state and local laws and regulations. You may also be contacted directly by our payment processing partners in case any issue with a payment arises.

Your order might be suspended or cancelled on WIZZO automatically, if your purchase has been declined online due to issues with your payment methods. In order to go through with your purchase, you hold the responsibility to resolve any problems that might be encountered. You may contact customer support via the email address associated with your purchase, in case the transaction is rejected online. You must contact the customer support email for anything related to the purchasing on the WIZZO platform.   

An additional transaction fee may be charged by WIZZO for any transaction performed on the WIZZO platform. You will be notified of such transaction fees before any transaction is completed. 

Third Party Terms

Additional third-party legal terms may be imposed on your purchase and enjoyment of Ancillary Products and Services. For example, end user license agreements of third-party game developers and publishers might be made available on the WIZZO platform regarding any sale of digital games and in-game content. We recommend reading these third-party legal terms as you may be subjected to them.   

Delivery of Ancillary Products

Kindly note that regarding the purchases you perform of Ancillary Products and Services through the WIZZO Platform, you agree and accept that making these products available to you or to an authorized recipient, is indicative that WIZZO has completely satisfied its required obligations of delivering/providing these products, services, or contents, regardless if any usages failures related to these products, services, contents are encountered.



Once you perform any purchasing of products, services, or contents for your personal use, you will become responsible and subjected to any applicable taxes at a local, notional, or state level, as well as any added value taxes in the form of VAT. In case such sales or other tax or fee on a transaction is not paid, WIZZO is authorized to collect taxes or other fees from you at any time and you are responsible for such taxes and fees if they are determined to be payable on such sale. No guarantees or Warranties.

The WIZZO Currency is not guaranteed by WIZZO to be available at all times or at any given time. The WIZZO currency is not guaranteed to be offered for any specific length of time by WIZZO. The WIZZO currency may be modified by WIZZO at our own judgment.  The WIZZO currency may be made more or less common, desirable, effective or functional by such modifications. The WIZZO currency might be suspended or terminated by WIZZO for any or no reason. Users and guests who access the WIZZO platform, will be aware of such events via a popup in-app notification. WIZZO reserves the right to increase the number of Coins needed to earn Rewards, Diamonds needed to obtain any Reward, and restrict any Reward or gaining Rewards at any time, even if such modifications may affect the use of WIZZO currency or the ability to redeem certain Rewards. In this regard, users should remain aware that they should not depend on a continuous availability of Reward or Reward level, category or tier.

WIZZO is granted the right to perform alterations or updates to the WIZZO Currency inventory without prior notice. WIZZO retains all WIZZO Currency associated rights, title, and interest, as well as ant WIZZO Currency inventories, copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property associated rights. The exception subjected to the applicable law will be concerning unused WIZZO Currency inventory which will be forfeited to WIZZO in the case of termination of your WIZZO account.

As per the above Terms and Conditions and in the event of a user violating the above mentioned Terms and Conditions, WIZZO has the right to deactivate this user from the WIZZO platform. Any WIZZO currency collected by a user that has been deactivated could be forfeited and may not be restored.

Video Upload Guidelines

In the section that follows, the presented Terms and Conditions will guide the policy that determines submitting your material to WIZZO which includes video in all applicable forms - together and or individually. This is managed by MBC FZ LLC, which is a company that operates under the laws set forth by Dubai and Dubai Creative Cluster free zone authority in Dubai. The company office is registered in Dubai Media City, MBC Building 3 (going further it will be referred to as ¿¿MBC¿¿ including i successors and assigns). 


Unless you have accepted the Privacy Policy which is available at ( and the below Terms and Conditions (which may be amended as seen fit), your submitted materials will not be complete.

These terms and conditions, which are based on an agreement between MBC and you, will remain in full force and effect as long as your video is posted.

Terms and Conditions

I hereby agree by uploading and clicking on the accept button below, that I wish to upload the video, accept and fully understand these Terms and Conditions and confirm that:

I am above 18 years old (or what is defined as the legal age in my country of residence), and thus I am capable of completely and utterly and void of any restrictions, enter into these Terms and Conditions. This indicates that if ever needed or requested, I am capable of providing a valid identification form or ID that can indicate my age. 


In case I am under the age of 18 years old (or what is defined as the legal age in my country of residence), I understand that it is essential for my legal guardian to fill the form attached, to present and offer a valid form that identifies and proves our relationship and to sign the required documents for my participation in the audition upon MBC¿¿s request.

I accept to fill out the required documents and provide answers to all the questions requested by MBC, accurately, precisely and efficiently. I confirm that all information provided in the Video, in any form, is truthful, precise and not in any way misleading. I understand that I should make MBC aware in the event of this information becoming inaccurate.

I hereby confirm to be at the disposal and collaborate with MBC, in case my video violates third party copyright owners or doesn¿¿t comply with the set video guidelines.

I hereby accept to pay all costs associated with the creation of the Video.

I hereby confirm that no changes of these Terms and Conditions shall be effective if not in writing and if not signed by MBC.

I acknowledge and accept that the Videos are an original work that are created by me. The Videos do not breach or violate the intellectual property or other rights of any third party. I agree that MBC reserves the right to disqualify any Video that might be recognized as plagiarized. 

I fully understand that if MBC suspects a violation of these Terms of Use or receives a complaint from a third party regarding my video, MBC has the right to remove or temporarily suspend my entry from WIZZO.

MBC reserves the right to cancel, change or replace my video at any time. 

I declare and present warrant that I do not suffer from any mental, emotional or physical conditions that might affect my capability of uploading a video or that might affect other users. 


I affirm that there exists no contract between me and any third party or any legal or regulatory provision or professional obligation that prevents me from accepting these Terms and Conditions or of fulfilling any of my contractual obligations. Otherwise I will be immediately excluded from WIZZO on my own responsibility.


I permit and understand that MBC, at its sole discretion, reserves the unconditional and perpetual right to use and broadcast my name, likeness, voice, performance, biography and events related to me, etc, and associated with the Video I post.

I accept that if MBC suspects the presence of any obscene language in my comments and/or any video content that contains obscene, pornographic, discriminatory (based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age), illegal (such as underage drinking, substance abuse, computer hacking etc..), offensive threatening or harassing, then MBC has the right to remove or disqualify me from WIZZO and that the decision is final. 

I agree that any personal information I share with MBC shall comply with MBC¿¿ privacy policy provided in the link

I hereby agree that I participate at my own risk and MBC is not responsible for:

the loss of profit, the loss of business or any forms of use, contracts, revenue, goodwill or expected savings. 

the defacement of the reputation of a client 

the resultant, exceptional, or indirect loss or damage

I understand that although I will retain copyright to the Videos, by entering, I allow MBC a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to edit, post and make use of the Video in any and all media, whether print or online, for publicity and news purposes.

It is under my free will that I enter into these Terms and Conditions and I forthwith agree to remunerate MBS in respect of any actions, activities, declarations, and other responsibilities that can be brought against or sustained by MBC; resulting of the violation of any of my agreements or warranties, commitments or representations which are set forth within these Terms and Conditions or breach on third party rights. 


I hereby guarantee that the Video has not been used in any commercial, sponsorship or other agreement or understanding with any person, firm or corporation. I guarantee that the video uploaded is not put through to any other third party agreements, as well as MBC is not be called for to pay any amount of money to any third party following MBC¿¿s use (base d on the items listed in these Terms and Conditions) or the misuse by MBC of the idea, video, or any other rights present in any entry. 

In the event of a court deeming any provision of these Terms and Conditions null or invalid such provision will not at any point affect any other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the appeal of the supplying in any other conditions or the plausibility or implementability of these Terms and Conditions will be reduced and restricted to the necessary extent to place it within legal requirement.  

These Terms and Conditions shall comply with the laws of Dubai and be governed by them. The DIFC courts shall settle any conflicts arising out or related to these Terms and Conditions.


You are required to follow all guidelines or rules that are published on the WIZZO Services, that are made available to you, or communicated to you through specific services and features, while using the WIZZO services. These Terms of Service include all such terms and guidelines (the ¿¿Guidelines¿¿) by reference. Unless WIZZO recognizes a need in changing the Terms of Service, which incorporate Video Content, and which consists of the entire agreement between you and WIZZO, such Terms of Service will not be modified. 

User Content 

With the authorization of WIZZO, you are able to live stream and share pre-recorded audio-visual content, to use various services, such as chat, and to take part in other activities which allow you to create, post, transmit, perform or store content, messages, text, sound, images, applications, code, or other data or resources on the WIZZO Services (¿¿Use Content¿¿).

a) License to WIZZO

In the event of deleting live streams and pre-recorded audio-visual content from WIZZO services or closing your account, the rights granted by you hereunder shall be terminated, exceptions include: (a) if you shared such User Content with other users through the WIZZO Services and others copied or saved parts of such User Content (such as making a Clip); (b) if such User Content was used by WIZZO for promotional purposes; and (c) for the time needed to remove from backup and other systems.

Video Content

The video should relate to gaming (excluding gambling, casino games and nudity);

The title and description should relate to the Video;

The video should suit the chosen game (kindly double check thumbnail as sometimes a video for game A is uploaded with the thumbnail of a different game);

The video should have a decent quality;

The video size must not exceed 500 MB;

The video must be of a landscape format;

The video duration is recommended to be less than 5 minutes.


Any obscene, pornographic, discriminatory (based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age), illegal (for example, underage drinking, substance abuse, computer hacking, etc.), offensive, threatening or harassing video content is strictly prohibited.

Mentioning or featuring any uncleared copyrighted material, including but not limited to songs, music, films, books, television programming, artwork, sculpture, photographs, etc., or identifying descriptions of any copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.

Any virus, trojan horse, worm, trapdoor or similar software that may in any way infect or affect any of the Promoter¿¿s hardwar e or software systems in Video is strictly prohibited. 

Video Technical specs

The Video must meet the below technical specs and the social requirements stated on the website. MBC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude any video that does not meet the requirements listed below.